About Dawson

Dawsongroup is part of Dawsongroup Plc. The company introduced the concept of mobile cold stores in Europe and now offers ± 2,500 mobile cold rooms, industrial freezers, blast chillers and tempering units for rent, making Dawsongroup the market leader in renting cold storage solutions.

Why you should consider Dawson


Established since 1935


Market leader in rentals


Financially sound


A solid team for years, offering the right knowledge and expertise


Quality specifications ensure maximum reliability, sustainability and convenience


The most standard features and options


Wide range of models developed for every purpose


Product support across all of Europe

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Our mobile cold storage

Cold / frozen storage
Cold / frozen storage

The best solution for cold storage on a temporary basis.

Blast freezer
Blast freezer

The ideal solution for fast, controlled cold storage.

Climate room
Climate room

The ideal solution for when you need extra cold storage space.

Tempering unit
Tempering unit

The ideal flexible solution for extra heating or thawing capacity.

Fruit ripening cell
Fruit ripening cell

Specially designed cold storage units for ripening various types of fruit.

Market leader in cold- and frozen storage rental